State Capitols

There exist today many PCA churches or church plants located within a reasonable distance of state capitols within the United States. MTS is dedicated to assisting interested pastors and their congregations in the development and implementation of ministry to their state government center.

An example of the Ministry to State exists at the Oklahoma State capitol as weekly lunch meetings are held throughout the year, known as the Capitol Bible Study. The meeting consists of 50-70 men and women from a wide cross-section of government agencies and offices.

Prayer: The Lord calls us to pray for those in government (1 Tim 2:1-3). Therefore it is important to pray as specifically as possible for those in public service. That includes their families, health, and their ability to maintain good governance. It would be a powerful statement for an official’s office to receive a request from the church asking how they might best pray.

Hospitality: Spending time with someone in government without an agenda but only to demonstrate care can go a long way for the sake of the Gospel. Heritage Presbyterian in OKC for years provided lunch weekly for some 50 – 70 people at the state capitol (now MTS provides for these lunches). For those churches that minister in a center of government there are many people who would appreciate some form of hospitality. This might take place through members of your congregation who work in the capitol. It may take some creative, but tangible means of communicating to those in public service that you care and appreciate them.


Prayer Breakfasts: MTS sponsors prayer breakfasts in the capitol in Washington DC.  You can help support these.  Just contact us and we will let you know how - email  You can also help sponsor a prayer breakfast in your state capitol.

Bible Studies: MTS has a number of bible studies in our nation's capital.  Once we have established an MTS ministry in your state capital we will be looking for churches to assist us with bible studies that focus on the role and duties of legislators and those in government.